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Inspired by traditional family values of strong work ethics and quality, Coachwood Manor Homes was the vision of founding partners Mike Picco & Paul Cammalleri.


Similarly, their construction experience began in their early teens working with their fathers who were accomplished carpenters and craftsmen. Inspired and excited about his experience, Mike decided to pursue a university education in structural engineering. Paul followed a similar path by graduating at York University with an honours BA. 


Each year they continued to work in construction under the supervision and mentorship of their respective fathers. Construction strengthened the bond between father and son and instilled character and pride, but foremost taught that respect, integrity and hard work are the ingredients of success. By sharing common values, they were confident that they could build a team, at Coachwood, that would provide a level of service that is unparalleled and expected by the private home owner.


Understanding that a home is more than a place to hang your hat, the process in making your home, is as important as the final product. Built and refined over the years, our process involves a team of talented professionals who are passionate to provide the service and product you deserve. And always ensuring your experience is distinctively tailored and enjoyable; a Coachwood project manager will assist you during each interval of the process.


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